Rebex Components for Windows Store 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 (experimental)

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Would you like a WinRT version of Rebex Secure Mail or Rebex File Server? Please let us know!

Download Rebex Total Pack Installer with experimental libraries »

(Starting with Release 2016 R1 experimental libraries are included in standard distribution packages.)


Most functionality should work. One notable exception is certificate verification used by FTP/SSL. Certificate API was not available to Windows Store Apps on Windows 8.0 and the components still reflect this. Although a certificate API was added in Windows 8.1, this is not yet utilized by this experimental version. As a workaround, implement a custom certificate handler using Ftp object's ValidatingCertificate event if you wish to use FTP over SSL in a secure manner.


There are three sets of assemblies:

Getting started

  1. Add references to Rebex assemblies to your project.
  2. Get your trial key from and add it to your project's code.
  3. Use Rebex components.

Sample code

using Rebex.Net;
using (var client = new Sftp())
	// connect and log on
	await client.ConnectAsync("", Sftp.DefaultPort);
	await client.LoginAsync("demo", "password");
	// download a file
	await client.GetFileAsync("/readme.txt", "C:\\temp\\readme.txt");

More sample code

API of WinRT version is almost identical to the Rebex components API for other platforms. For more sample code see the links below.

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