MIME/MSG Mail Converter (free)


Rebex Mail Converter is a command line tool for converting mail messages between different formats.

It's FREE for commercial and non-commercial use.


Download - Mail Converter Application »

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Syntax: MailConverter.exe [-toMime|-toMsg] inputFile outputFile
Syntax: MailConverter.exe -toMime|-toMsg inputFolder outputFolder

Example: MailConverter.exe C:\mail.msg C:\mail.eml
Example: MailConverter.exe -toMsg C:\mail.dat C:\mail.msg
Example: MailConverter.exe -toMime C:\input C:\output


Supported e-mail message formats:

Supported attachment subformats:


MailConverter runs on:

Modifying the source code

Application is written in C# and uses Rebex Secure Mail component. Component assemblies are not included in the source code installation package and you have to download them from Rebex Secure Mail webpage.

Version history

2019-04-12 Added support for multi-file conversion.
2016-07-01 First standalone version released on labs.
2011-02-11 First version of MailConverter released as a sample for Rebex Secure Mail component.


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